Credit Card Debt Negotiation – Negotiate to Win!

By Mark Wilson

If you’re looking for credit card debt negotiation, then you’re Making the Right Choice! I delved into the credit card debt negotiation options in various articles. But those articles were more focused on unsecured debt consolidation loans.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation

But unsecured debt negotiation loans are an essential part of credit card debt negotiation.

The success of our credit card debt negotiation depends largely on the state of ourselves and the level of commitment that we show towards making the changes that are included in our lives.

How to start credit card negotiation,

There are two simple and easy steps to Credit Card Debt Negotiation.

Step 1: Recognize where you are. This is extremely important. The best way that I have found to handle the debts that I have is to write down the ones that need to be paid first.

This is where the commitment comes in. You must commit to taking responsibility for the debts that you have written off, or for the ones that still have a balance, or for the ones that you have to pay in the future.

You must also commit to paying the existing bills before you can take care of the bigger debts. I had a client once who was carrying a large amount of monthly debt, and the State where he lived had no idea that he did not have the money to pay the bill!

Desperately, he ended up calling me, because he did not feel like paying his debt any more.

Well he really should have called me earlier. If you notice, all credit card debt negotiation services do not talk to their clients about what they do, what their limitations are or what an expiration date is. This is not a healthy practice in my view for two reasons.

Firstly, it could set you up for weakness in some way, when the time comes to ” derivatives”.Clear away the debt and you will clear away the pressure and the ignorance. It is easy to call up your creditors and promise to wipe away your debts. My clients have learnt that this practice is a very empty promise, so the risk is unnecessary.

Now the second reason this is dangerous is that with your commitment comes your time. If you commit at the beginning to clearing your debts, then you can do it later on-up to the point which you have cleared both off-shore and in your own country.

For example, if you committed to paying $300 each month to your credit card debt negotiation and only was able to pay $150, at the end of the negotiation term your four balance will have been paid off.

But then your interest on the credit card will have been graduated to the interest at the normal 10% per annum.

If the creditor had not been flexible, and if they had continued the monthly payments had created more pressure for you to pay off the debt, they would have not been easy to find.

So I advise that you commit at least the minimum of the minimum payment into a saving account and the balance in that account is exposed. If you don’t save the bill amount then it is easy to start moving the debt around and making it more difficult to pay.

Once you contracted with them legally to take responsibility for repaying their debt, in return for receiving a very small interest rate, you are incurring effective interest on the debt. This is not a good practice when you are playing in the credit card debt negotiation game.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation is players’ only game!

I cannot stress this enough. This is the key factor to successful credit card debt negotiation.

I have seen plenty of people operating in credit card debt negotiation and they dump the entire bill if the bill reduction company asks for it.

This is too risky.

Imagine that you win the lottery. Everything you have worked hard for disappears.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation is the game of the winners and the rollerskis.

Look at it like this. They are the ones who are legally in charge and legally in charge of the purse strings.

It is still playing. You have to play by their rules.

If you do not know how to play the game, then just wait for them to tell you when to play.

This is one of the most exciting opportunities that I have seen for many people. Why?

Because it is one of the areas where you can change your financial circumstances.

There will be no question about it. You are causing a paradigm shift in the financial world. One that will have far reaching ramifications for many years to come.

I daresay that it is the opportunity to create wealth and security that simply cannot be underestimated.

The terms and conditions that you are required to play by will be based on what you know and are able to genuinely accomplish.

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