Digital Marketing Skills

By Mark Wilson

The digital space is exciting. It allows you to reach consumers on a large scale. It brings you closer to your customers on the channels they choose. Furthermore, it allows you to personalize your messages and services. It enables you to tell your story in interesting formats and new ways. In this article you will learn about digital marketing skills, and it’s benefits.

Many executives are shifting their focus and budget from traditional marketing to digital marketing. For all these reasons (and more), this field now attracts the attention of professionals in many areas of interest: marketing, research, paid media, branding, customer service, sales, recruitment, etc. If you are a young professional and want to be successful in this field, it has nothing to do with your job. These are the various skills you need to master to speed up your career development trajectory and improve you accordingly Salary. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Digital Marketing Skills, Storytelling

Everything you do online revolves around content. However, creating great content is not enough. To stand out in an already saturated space, you need to be an excellent storyteller. You need to find a way to tell the audience-related stories at the right time, on the right channel and in the right format. The great storyteller is not born, but born.

To become one, do the following: read the topic, learn from the best storytellers inside and outside the industry, pay attention to which stories resonate with you and record them, see how the coolest brands tell stories and bring your notebook with you Wherever you go, jot down important stories told by other people and thoughts about the stories you want to make and share.

Community Management is a digital marketing skills

If you think community management is something that a random intern should do, please think again. First-class brands will not hire interns to manage their communities, and this is for good reason. In order to successfully build and nurture your community, you need someone who understands your industry, your business and your brand to lead; at the same time, someone who loves your customers and is willing to become The bridge plays a difficult role. Excellent community managers have a difficult job in balancing the needs of the company and the needs of the community. Practical experience is required to possess this skill set.

Yes, you need to be very familiar with social networks and tools that allow you to manage many queries. These are hard skills that can take you to accomplish your goals. However, the soft skills that actually accompany this role are invaluable. Find a community manager role and prepare for it

No matter what role you play, remember to measure the impact. For any digital role, it must be measured and optimized. However, it is not limited to vanity indicators. Really study the art of extracting insights from data. The role of a data scientist has always been a high-demand role. He can transform big data into real business insights. Strive to acquire the analytical skills of the current position. Learn about tools that can help you automate certain analysis tasks.

Talk to someone who knows the field. Or even further, assume a role that focuses solely on business intelligence. No matter what you do thereafter, you will have high requirements because you have the knowledge to turn data into insights.

Managing paid ads, digital marketing skills

Many social media involve organic content and owned content. However, if you want to succeed in the digital field, you must have the skills to cross POEM (pay, own, earn media). One might argue that there are no longer organic tentacles. I disagree, but this is the subject of another blog post. What I want to say here is that not only do you need to be very familiar with how to create your own content and inspire earning media.

You also need to be familiar with how to expand your content according to your brand goals. It is important to understand the paid media aspects of the house. To understand this, you can work with paid media partners and study the entire POEM’s cooperation methods more deeply, or you can play a role for one or two years and actually execute paid media promotional activities.

Social media platforms and digital marketing skills

This is a cruel fact that most people don’t want to hear-if you don’t personally use social platforms, you don’t know what they can do for your business. I saw it again and again. First-hand knowledge is absolutely essential, not only to figure out how these platforms will achieve your near-term goals around customer engagement, but also to create a successful marketing strategy throughout the customer journey.

Any strategic or tactical knowledge will play an important role in defining your career development trajectory. To learn about the various platforms, just jump in and give it a try. Then, read a lot of its functions and features (there is no shortage of content on the Internet). Subscribe to niche publications (e.g. “Social Media Examiner”), which keep you updated on the latest feature versions and platform changes. Talk to your peers about how they can use the platform to their advantage.

Cooperation and project management

Digitization spans business departments and functional teams. It also has many levels, which means that large teams will participate in the strategic execution of these functional teams. Here, you need two different skill sets (which can actually fit well): the ability to collaborate with your own team and people in the entire organization, and strong project management skills to ensure that the event can proceed smoothly.

Both are learned with age and experience. Thinking back to the day I just started, I read a lot of books about communication and listened to my instructor’s advice on how to interact with people. I also learned early on that project management skills (regardless of the role) are critical to success because you need to know how to manage complex procedures (from budgeting to stakeholder/partner adjustments to execution). I did get the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate.

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