The Best Strategy of Affiliate Marketing

By Mark Wilson

Running any sort of business you will eventually come across with the question: what is the best strategy of affiliate marketing. Well, invariably this is what this article is going to address.

Strategy of Affiliate Marketing

Let me start with an easy answer: the mixture of physical, mental and emotional responses to your chosen business model. There’s a lot of debate among Internet Marketers as to which elements of the Business model should be the best strategy for you. Which can be difficult for the new beginner.

How to discover strategy of affiliate marketing

When I first started in this business it was all about Quality not Quantity. One of the main reasons for this is because it is the number and quality of your customers and clients that dictates the amount of time and work that you actually need to put in.

Obviously many low quality people can never be happy customers and therefore can never give you anything for free or anything for which you’re charging too much. There are few ways that you can make this work but my preferred way is to focus on No.1. The Best Of The Best.

In other words find a couple of people who have already built up a good reputation in the Internet Marketing community and learn from them. You’ll find a lot of them in the Warrior Forum (a place where you can find out who is making good money, the people who seem to always make a lot of money), and you can find out whether they have also transformed differently in the last 2 or 5 years.

Valuable strategy of affiliate marketing advices

These will be people who have the highest paid advice as well as the most popular and meaningful tutorials (we all have things we would like to know that can be learned as a simple way) and you won’t find a single one of these people in any place on the internet.

Your work will be to set your system up so that you only pay for the success that you achieve. These days many of those systems are already available but they cost money. For example has a “Learning Management System” that you can use to see which of its products is selling far more successfully and then change some key things about them according to the request that your customers and clients make to you.

The beauty of this system is that it will calculate your return on investment, and at the same time it’s fast, in fact it’s so fast that you will make conversions so fast for example a staff member at Amazon can go from zero to someone who has a percentage of his or her sales which are much higher than initially.

With the learning management system, you are free to change the format as you see fit and change the price that you pay per sale. I also know the people who can make sales after 1 hour of learning. Many people who I have talked to literally have no idea how to get people to buy what they’re selling. They’ve never done anything like that before.

This is a huge advantage because you can see somebody’s work and not have to pay any money to find out that it’s wonderful.

I’ve been talking about it’s all about quality, but I’ve also said other elements are also important. For example, I will generally tell you what I actually do when it comes to article writing. The article must be well written, optimized for the search engines and a good amount of information. There’s no point educating a new user about an Ordinary interesting proposition unless it’s going to be worth purchasing.

My experience over the last 3 years has taught me that when an article is written it needs to say something about the product or service that you are selling. I don’t think it needs to be written in a “book”, but it does need to be a little about the product or service. This might be a good strategy of affiliate marketing.

I don’t start a new article about what to do with orange chicken legs as it sounds short, and it takes too long to get there. Category Development is going to teach you something about a subject because there’s going to be non related things going on to that your system code is going to have to be able to deal with. For example category development will focus on business opportunity affiliate programs.

You will find other things relating to trust management, lead generation, copy writing, and I’m sure these things are going to add tremendous value to your business, so you won’t be looking at it any more once your system starts to run optimally.

If you choose a good system then it will be a lot of hard work to start gaining the trust of the people on your list as they will come back several times to purchase higher priced products, but then again you’ll be selling times more than if they are just collecting your products.

Important: don’t get a new system to follow, this is probably one of the biggest mistakes that I have seen. If you are not selling, that’s fine. Starting one system only is fine. Only if you get good results from it later, don’t get another new system to follow.

If you have any questions about strategy of affiliate marketing, please comment below.

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