Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 #3

By Mark Wilson

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 #3

Interactive Content

Interactive content is any content that people can click, and this is one of the digital marketing trends in 2021. According to outgrow, many marketers believe that interactive content is very effective in educating buyers. In 2021, more companies will try to use interactive content types, such as: Quizzes and polls, augmented reality advertising, 360 degree video.

These formats utilize cutting-edge marketing technologies such as augmented reality and video content to provide people with a more immersive and engaging experience. Nowadays, consumers expect brands to provide this memorable and interesting content because it can help them feel closer to the company.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021, Voice Interaction

Thanks to Siri, the number of Google, Alexa and many other “smart” devices is still growing. For us, the real lesson is that people like to talk, which is a preferred way of interaction. Now, machines have finally caught up with the way people want to search, shop and discover new things. However, this presents some interesting challenges.

For example, conducting a voice search is very different from typing a query, especially in the results. When someone performs a text-based search, the screen displays results one page at a time. However, when someone asks the device to search and the device answers verbally, it can only give a few choices at most, and often only one choice.

Adopting a voice search strategy must not only remain relevant, but also create a unique and optimized customer experience to promote interpersonal relationships and build brand loyalty.

Marketers targeting voice search users should remember to write in conversational voices instead of using keywords to type. Doing so can help you to zero in your dream position or to seize on Google

Digital marketing trends in 2021, messaging apps

Social messaging apps are not just for keeping in touch with friends and family. Recently, businesses from all walks of life have taken a keen interest in applications such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and considering these opportunities, it’s not surprising.

Although traditional channels such as email and social media are far from dead, it is undeniable that people are more active in instant messaging applications. In the next few years, messenger marketing is expected to become the world’s largest marketing channel. Therefore, it is a logical step for brands to start connecting with people on these platforms.

Marketing through Facebook Messenger is more attractive than natural posting on Facebook news sources. Messaging applications allow companies to reach a wide audience through short personalized texts. If there is an online chat option, 90% of online consumers are more likely to return to the company website, which makes the company need to take this channel seriously.

As digital marketing trends in 2021 you can expect much more marketing in apps, with many firms including video and interactive text to engage users.

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