Trends in Digital Marketing 2021 #2

By Mark Wilson

Trends in Digital Marketing 2021 #2

Video is still on the top

If your business has not yet used video marketing, you should start this year, this is one of the most important trends in digital marketing now. Text-based content simply cannot compete with the capabilities of video, especially when trying to sell products and services online.

In a crazy mobile world, people are watching more videos than ever before. Use smartphones to watch and share videos about everything, and learn more about brands and the products they offer.

Consider these statistics from Impact BND: 70% of consumers have shared brand videos. 52% of consumers claim that watching product videos makes them more confident and guides their online purchase decisions. 72% of companies believe that video content increases conversion rates.

Trends in digital marketing, video and email

Video marketing is very attractive, especially live video. When combined with influential marketing, real-time streaming is a powerful digital marketing method. Whether it is a new generation of social media influencers or traditional sources such as celebrities, athletes, and musicians, live broadcasts with influencers who directly interact with comments are a huge draw for audiences. Recent period

Twitch has more than 15 million active users every day, most of whom just want to watch live videos from influencers such as ninjas. It can be said that the world’s most popular game influence ninja recently signed an exclusive deal with Mixer, which is a strong competition for Microsoft to recognize its expected value of live video streaming in the coming year.

Trends in digital marketing, content still matters

Content marketing is still an important part of digital marketing, although people are paying more and more attention to the nuances of content. Quality is always important, but now more emphasis is placed on context and positioning.

Google is developing a deeper and more complex understanding of online content, so marketers must carefully consider their target market and how to customize content more precisely in 2020. Most of it comes down to the BERT update released on Google in November 2019.

The new algorithm can help search engine giants better understand the natural language in user search queries. Google’s advice is: “Instead of catching up with the latest SEO trends, it’s more important to ensure that the site has fast speed, useful links and well-written content.” Having said that, Google is getting smarter and smarter, and it prefers deep, accurate, and up-to-date content that is closely related to user intent.

Email is getting important again as trends in digital marketing

Email remains the main communication channel, and billions of people still use it for personal, commercial, industrial, legal, scientific, and academic purposes. In other words, email will continue to exist, and email marketing itself will still be important. However, email marketing is constantly evolving, and general marketing emails are not as effective as before.

Now, the combination of automation and, more importantly, personalization makes email marketing important trends in digital marketing in 2021. This is very effective when you can trigger email marketing for specific content (for example, a user browses a specific product and then tracks promotional prices or demo videos in a personalized email).

Email is often the ultimate trigger for action, especially when combined with remarketing techniques. This makes us one of the most exciting recent digital marketing trends…

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