Digital Marketing Techniques

By Mark Wilson

As more and more people are discovering the remarkable benefits that Internet marketing offers, Black Hat Marketers are also growing in number quickly. Now, before you take out your credit card, read this article carefully. First things first, if you are starting out and have some extra cash, it’s probably better you stick with a safe method of developing a long-term income, using digital marketing techniques.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Many would love to have a matter over their heads, from start to finish. When they come across several sites telling them in a couple of hours, that they will make thousands of dollars in the next week. These sites give false promises which is why they try one of the following methods:

1) Digital marketing techniques, Email List Marketing

E-Mail list marketing is an underhand way of sending your message to many people with no intention whatsoever. When you utilize mass email marketing, you have to first set up a form on your site which can accept forms for people who visit your site or opt-in for a newsletter. After you have an interested prospect, you will then email them, which contains some valuable information from you. This form should include something that shows that, whatever you are promoting, your message or offer is valuable and have a genuine desire in order to get your prospect’s attention.

2) PayPerClick

Pay Per Click marketing is definitely one very powerful tool within the arsenal of an Internet Marketer. In fact, I wouldn’t go without it being there at all. However, I must stress your results are dependent on having an understanding of keyword research. You must go after relatively untargeted traffic, rather than highly targeted. So start with keywords that are relevant to your niche and not just downright stupid.

3) Content marketing as one of the best digital marketing techniques

Article marketing, is definitely one of the easiest and most widely used means of Internet marketing. But there is a catch… article marketing is one of the most neglected ways of getting your web presence out there and noticeable.

Article marketing is simply a very good approach to gain long-term attention and traffic to your web page. This method depends upon how good your writing is. Basically, you write articles advice people on subjects, which interest you and that’s when you post your articles, to a numerous number of free article directories in the Internet.

4) Search Engine Optimization

Once you have strong back-links pointing to your web pages, (which by the way, are referred to as pointing back to the original niche – Anchor Text Domains), you will have a coveted ranking with the major search engines. Naturally, your rank will go up as you get better at optimizing your website. Always ensure you submit your URL to as many search engines as you can, preferably those that have a page rank above 0.5. Also, launch a Web 2.0 campaign and put in place numerous web 2.0 properties as well. By doing this, you will be pushing your rankings to a more respectable position.

5) SEO Back-links are necessary digital marketing techniques

Straightforwardly ? You search for high ranking relevant sites and put a link of yours onto their front page, as it’s known behind the scenes. This is the SEO method of building long-term, targeted traffic to your web page. Make sure that the websites you link to have a respectable page rank as Google ranks this way. Generally, your backlinks will originate on your Web 2.0 website.

6) Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way to quickly and practically easily create back-links to your website. Firstly, you need to make various social bookmarking accounts, which are for niche related content. This is a pretty easy process and does not take very long at all to accomplish. When getting into this method of marketing, always ensure that you take time to create high-quality content on specific niches for optimum profits.

7) Search Engine Optimization

Create high-quality content and place in the competitive title bar of your web pages. Place all your secondary keywords in your title tag and throughout your content whilst you are using bolding, italics and all types of signs and descriptions to increase your web page’s importance. This is a proven way to receive web traffic so long as your website is relevant and keyword optimized.

8) Increase web traffic using digital marketing techniques

With all of the above strategies up for grabs, there is the various Web Traffic strategies available. If you are not sure which strategy to use, let me tell you all of them. Web Traffic, Web 2.0, Press Release, PPV, Banner Admatter, Article Marketing, SEO infringement and Forum Link Four 28 Frames.

Furthermore, you will be able to learn which strategy works for you as you learn and continue to learn. Everything you’ve learned about receiving web traffic, is all about trying to find or create the right balance in your website as far as keywords are concerned.

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