Improving Professional Skills

By Mark Wilson

Have you considered the process of professional golfers preparing for important matches? Still want to know how musicians prepare for the concert? You may already know the answer… Practice! Each of them wants to play as much as possible! In this article you can read about improving professional skills.

improving professional skills

How did Rory McIlroy become one of the best golfers in the world? In addition to having extraordinary natural talents, this may be the answer: hit 16,500 golf balls, drive 1,036 kilometres, and perform 6,800 push-ups.

Oh, this is bad news: just work for a year. Liberace is widely known for his luxurious clothes and gorgeous candlesticks on the gorgeous piano lids. His musical talent and unique performing skills are loved by the audience. He is called a genius. Hearing him exclaimed: “Yes, I practice for eight hours a day!”

Technique of improving professional skills

In Malcom Gladwell’s best-selling book The Outsider: A Success Story, he pointed out that there is no shortcut other than “investing time” (10,000 hours)! Gladwell said that “mastering” something usually takes a lot of time. People who have the opportunity to become proficient have the ability to practice 10,000 hours, but most people do not.

Start your own winning habit Do you have a chance to practice? If so, how often do you practice? How much time? The good news is that you don’t have to spend 8 hours a day practicing. However, the real key to achieving better performance than peers or competitors is to practice regularly. This means every day, just like professional athletes, musicians and many others who seek to exceed expectations.

How to be the best, improving professional skills

Anyone who wants to be the best in their work must practice. This is how to get started. Find books or online training programs related to your specific expertise. If you are in digital marketing or sales, search for content that provides insights that can improve performance. Once you find it, don’t try to read everything as quickly as possible.

The goal is to practice every day. Therefore, read for 10 minutes a day to form a habit. If you wish, take one day off each week, but in this case, you should still read for 10 minutes every six days. The hardest part is to develop this habit. For some people, it may take 30 days to reach the goal. The same is true for online professional training courses, which can be viewed in one go. Nowadays, they are usually provided in this format, which is very helpful.


Again, the key is to establish habit practice. Those who pursue success will always look for ways to improve knowledge and performance. Although I am an early adopter of professional development, more than 40 years later, I still read, listen to and watch bite-sized content every day, which makes me smarter and improves overall productivity. I know it works! Start practising today, do it now. Start the process of developing good habits. The results will tell!

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